Truck Accident Attorney - Prescott, Sedona AZBecause of their sheer size and weight, any collision with a semi-truck is usually catastrophic and can involve horrible injuries. When you and your family are suffering from the ramifications of a truck accident, you need help. Our attorneys at the Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. have been helping members of the Prescott community get help after they've suffered from a truck accident for decades.

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Truck Accident Injuries

Because of the excessive damage a tractor-trailer can cause, it is imperative to seek legal help to get compensation. Our attorneys take pride in getting to know our clients personally. We want to understand the extent of how your injuries are affecting you, your family, your daily tasks, and your work. We will use all of this information to get you the maximum amount of compensation from all parties responsible for your suffering. We will help you seek financial restitution for the damage to your vehicle and any of these common truck accident injuries:

Seeking Compensation After a Truck Accident

When approaching a truck accident case, it is important to have the experience our firm has attained. Oftentimes, a trucking accident case will not only involve the driver of the truck, but also the trucking company, the company that maintains the vehicle, and even the government if the accident occurred because of poorly maintained roadways.

Trucking companies have a responsibility to properly maintain their vehicles and thoroughly train their drivers, but oftentimes, they fail at these tasks. Our attorneys will investigate your case and determine all of the ways the trucking company may have been negligent, including the following:

  • Trucking company cutting corners
  • Hiring drivers with bad records
  • Insufficiently training their drivers
  • Not properly maintaining their trucks
  • Packing a truck with more weight than it is intended to carry
  • Pushing drivers to meet deadlines so drivers are driving while exhausted

Whatever were the reasons that your accident occurred, our attorneys will utilize our investigative skills to determine all of the ways we can seek compensation. We have a great track record in trucking accident cases and are very successful whether the case settles out of court or goes to trial. We have even pursued trucking cases to the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division 1, multiple times as well as the Arizona Supreme Court.

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Trucking accidents can be life-altering events. If you've been the victim of a trucking company's negligence, then it's crucial not to become a victim of their horrible legal disputes. The Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. has a successful record of holding trucking companies responsible. In one instance, our committed legal counsel even delivered a $315,000 jury award. We can even help if the unthinkable happened and the trucking accident caused a wrongful death in your family. If your recovery depends upon proven expertise, then please take a few moments to fill out our short form and have a Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. attorney evaluate your case today for free. Or, you can call us at 928-778-2660. We proudly help clients in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Sedona, and Chino Valley.