Elder Abuse - Mendenhall v. Munn - Chino Valley, AZ

Correcting Theft & Elder Abuse
How an elderly man found the means to fight theft and elder financial abuse by his family caretakers and set an example for others to follow.
Case Background: 

In December of 1996, Raymond Mendenhall, age 93 (who was potentially suffering from Alzheimer's Disease) and his wife Deseret were invited to move in with his granddaughter and her husband (Cynthia and Kirk Munn) to receive care in their old age. These were the only relatives willing to provide the care that was needed. Cynthia ("Cindy") Munn was a former bookkeeper who was working as a Chino Valley Municipal Court Clerk; Kirk Munn worked in auto repair and had a gambling problem. The plan was for the Mendenhall's assets to be used to expand the Munn residence to create quarters for Mr.

Moving Forward: 

Mr. Mendenhall’s case of elder abuse was incredibly complicated, involving scrutinous review of 9 bank accounts over the course of 3 years. To add to the financial abuse, there were allegations of physical abuse inflicted by Kurt Munn on Mr. Mendenhall. It would not be long before the press caught wind of the importance of this elder abuse case in the Quad City community. The case soon had a very public 14 day jury trial, in which Chris Jensen and Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. began to gradually establish Mr. Mendenhall’s case of Elder Abuse step-by-step.

The Results: 

Overall, the jury had accepted the facts and abuse that Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. had established. Mr. Mendenhall received an award of $400,000 in recovery from the Munns for the many breaches of their fiduciary duty, plus an order for an additional $160,000 in legal fees, for a total of $560,000. Most importantly, Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. recovered the means for Raymond Mendenhall to regain a comfortable, abuse-free lifestyle in his final years.