Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse - Mendenhall v. Munn - Chino Valley, AZ

How an elderly man found the means to fight theft and elder financial abuse by his family caretakers and set an example for others to follow.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury - Hargrove - Prescott, AZ

A Prescott woman was hit in a cross-walk, fracturing her left hip, elbow, and wrist, only to be accused of stepping into the cross-walk too late and exaggerating her injuries. She chose the Jensen Phelan Law Firm, P.C. to help her find a recovery in spite of formidable legal opposition requiring a jury trial.

Personal Injury - Lutz - Prescott, AZ

How a family in an Auto Accident found a voice and with it, results.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death - Gambetta - Chino Valley, AZ

How a community’s compassion, a law firm’s commitment to justice, and one greatly harmed man’s perseverance turned a life shattering tragedy (that killed the victim's wife and turned him into a paraplegic) into a recovery many times more than "maximum coverage limits.